Other Helpful Organisations

Name of the OrganisationContact informationServices Provided
• Theatre sessions and group mentoring sessions
• Language Tandem clubs: to practice both English and Hungarian between people from multi-cultural communities.
MIRA DOORFacebook Page• Community activities, art workshops, intercultural gatherings, exchange events.
• Community space for regularly organized film clubs, themed evenings and board games.
• Yoga classes on weekly basis for Mira members.
Mentoring program: to practice the Hungarian language, know Budapest better, orientate oneself in everyday, practical things, or simply ask questions related to Hungarian culture, life, customs and weirdness.
Student program: English and Hungarian language practice and preparation for the TRAFFIC exam. For foreigners living in Hungary for a longer or shorter period of time, as well as newly arrived refugees.
Mira FC: a football team
Taste Mira!: a series of events consisting of shared cooking, special dinners and (cooking-related) learning opportunities.
Creative Hub: creative workshops on art and self-expression open for Hungarians and non-Hungarians, based on donations.
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Therapy: The primary focus of our Foundation is to provide complex psycho-social, psychotherapeutic and psychological support to victims of torture, traumatized asylum-seekers and beneficiaries of international protection and their families.
Medical reports: We issue medico-legal reports, when necessary, that can assist our clients in their asylum procedures.
Social assistance: Experienced social assistants and intercultural mediators support our clients during their integration process in Hungary.
Supervision: Our experienced therapists provide supervision to professionals who work with asylum-seekers and beneficiaries of international protection.
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Safe Homes: A project that provides housing solutions, psychosocial assistance, Hungarian language instruction and career counseling for refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary.
MAGYAR HELSINKI BIZOTTSÁGWebsite• Providing legal assistance in multiple cases, not only the asylum procedures.
• Providing legal assistance including legal representation to asylum seekers.
• Assistance in statelessness related issues, family reunification of refugees, hate crimes against foreigners, expulsion and complaints against police measures.
MENEDÉK MIGRÁNSOKAT SEGITŐ EGYESÜLETFacebook Page• Psycho-social support for beneficiaries of international protection in Hungary: aims to ensure social integration opportunities for beneficiaries of international protection in Hungary via complex targeted services in the form of social and legal counselling, educational and family support.
• The project “Career Path” aims to enable migrant workers from non-EU countries in Europe to achieve their professional aspirations and fulfil their potential.
• They often also organize film clubs.
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Online Homework tutoring programme: If you are a parent who does not speak Hungarian well, and your children are struggling with their school assignments, you can apply for Next Step’s new program. A group of enthusiastic volunteers is available to help children manage their schoolwork during these unusual times.
• Educational, cultural and community building programs to Hungarians and foreigners.
• Activities for (migrant) children
MigHelp Classes (not all of them are active):
– European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
– Child Care Course
– Elderly Care course
– Driver’s Licence Training (B category for cars)
– Language Training
– Basket Weaving workshops
– Kids’ Coding playful programming workshops
– Web Design and Data Management trainings(HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, WordPress, PhotoShop)
BUDAPESTI SZOLIDARITÁS PALESZTINÁVALFacebook PageThey organize movie screening and awareness events about the Palestinian cause.