Call for Students – Spring 2021


OLIve – adult education in a university setting 

The OLIve weekend program is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive learning space within a university setting for people who have experienced displacement, including asylum seekers and those with refugee status. It is run by Open Education, a non-profit organization affiliated with Central European University (CEU). It is part of the Erasmus+ Refugee Education Initiatives project 

Apply to OLIve Weekend Program if: 

  • you want a learning experience within a university setting. 
  • you are interested in learning something new or continuing your previous studies. 
  • you would like to be part of a welcoming and friendly community. 

Students have the choice to take a range of academic, language and skills-based courses. Courses will be developed and offered based on students’ interests and needs. Please see the previous courses on offer here.

Deadline for applications: February 21st 

Interviewing candidates: Saturday February 27th (or during the week if requested) 

Semester dates: March 20th until June 26th (with breaks for Easter and May Day) 

Apply here!  

Returning Students 

Please note – returning students do not need to apply with this form nor be interviewed. Returning students should fill in this form here.

Students with good attendance and class participation will be automatically enrolled next semester upon filling out this form. Please make sure you indicate which classes, courses, topics and themes you are interested in continuing studying or studying for the first time.

We would like to speak to those with low attendance and participation to check if OLIve Weekend Program is a good fit for your needs and aspirations.

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