Autumn-Winter 2021/22

Track Courses

English Language

taught by: Júlia Füredi, Júlia Nemes, Ágnes Anna Szeghy, Amin Saed,

The English program at OLIve  aims to help our students improve their skills and increase their confidence using the English language in both professional and casual situations. Our teachers use a wide range of materials  to help you develop your pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students are grouped according to their levels to help individual improvement as well. Topic and theme-based lessons help our students acquire the english-skills they need.

Key Dimensions of Business Management

Taught by: Anass Karzazi

This course aims at offering an introduction to business management for students who want to continue their studies in business or management related programs in the future, or for those who have business ideas, and those who are simply interested in business and entrepreneurship. The course uses practical methods to help you understand modern business and provides a foundation to further expand your knowledge about issues related to management. In this course, students will be able to obtain a business vocabulary and advance in critical and analytical thinking in solving business issues. The course also allows students to acquire practical knowledge and skills that might be useful in the labor market or to start a new business. 

Career Development and Job Seeking Techniques in Hungary

Taught by: Timi Sófalvi

In this course you will learn various skills that will help you in developing your job career in Hungary. The topics of discussion and the skills you will obtain are the following:

  • Setting up career goals: what is your dream-job? (Long-term and short-term goals)
  • Assessing your strength: how to show in your CV what you’re good at? 
  • How to write an efficient CV?
  • How to write a cover letter and a knocking letter?
  • Three channels of finding a job: reply for the job ads – networking – direct approach.
  • Setting up a LinkedIn profile
  • Preparing for a job interview Information about the regulation of working in Hungary: official documents you need for work
  • Elements of a job contract Any other questions related to job seeking that the participants bring will be discussed during the class.

Theatre in Everyday Life

Taught by: Eszter Márton

Have you ever regretted the way you acted or reacted in a situation? Ever wondered what would have happened if you had said or done something different? Now you can turn the clock back and try it. We play typical everyday situations, change roles, change words and will see how many outcomes can a simple case have.

Introduction to Global History

Taught by: Adrian Matus

What does global history mean? What are the differences between national and global narratives? The course entitled Introduction to Global History will offer different solutions to these contemporary questions. During the sessions, we will discuss the method of using various types of primary sources ( such as interviews, archival documents, letters, and everyday objects). The students will also learn how to form a valid opinion on the historical sources and they will be introduced to various schools of historical thought. The course is designed for participants that want to study and understand history, political sciences, literature, anthropology, human rights, law and sociology.

Drawing and Animation Basics

Taught by: Eszter Szabó

During this course we will learn some basic drawing and animation skills. We will create sketches both traditionally (in a sketchbook) and with digital tools as well. The course aims to introduce the students to the principles of animation according to Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. Meanwhile we will also focus on developing personal projects based on recommended themes.

Digital Literacy

Taught by: Edward Branagan

This course aims to enhance students’ digital literacy skills and equip them with the IT knowledge and capacities to function, participate, and contribute to the knowledge economy of the 21st century. Students will learn how to use a desktop computer and Microsoft Office applications including Word, Powerpoint, and Excel along with other dominantly used applications. This course will expose students to important digital terminology and teach students about communication etiquette and best practices for creating digital documents.

Introduction To Web Technology

Taught by: Jafari Mahdi

This course will help students to improve their skills and encourage them to expand their knowledge within the area of technology.

Topics that will be covered in this course are 

  • Web-1 and the history behind today’s technology
  • Web-2 and processes for apps and websites and client-side, making a website via WordPress,  plugins and package builders, getting familiar with programming and the SQL languages.
  • Web-3 and Blockchain and more about Technology in finance.

The Boardroom Simulation Game

Taught by: Anass Karzazi

The Boardroom Simulation Game is designed to place students into realistic business and management scenarios. Participants will form the board of a fictional company and work in a team to apply and practice their knowledge in the key dimensions of business management. The game is turn-based and students debate, argue, calculate, forecast, and take action based on the scenario exposed in each round. The game incorporates various decision making problems. Specific sessions will be dedicated to wrap-ups and to introduce new management concepts. Students will have to understand major issues in each scenario and translate their ideas and analysis into actions. 

Critical Thinking

Taught by: Damian Aleksiev

This course aims to teach students the skills of critical thinking. Mastering critical thinking is beneficial to almost all areas of life: from personal communication and professional growth to tackling the universe’s big questions. Students will learn both the formal details and real-world applications of critical thinking. We will examine a few big philosophical questions and see how thinking critically helps us understand reality better. We will learn how to build good arguments and win arguments in real-life situations. We will put the art of critical thinking to use in debunking everyday logical fallacies and conspiracy theories.

English Communication Skills

Taught by: Ana da Silva & Tom Popper

This course offers students the opportunity to build confidence in their ability to communicate in English. Students will increase their ability to articulate ideas and concepts through effective communication: Listening, speaking, reading, writing, collaboration and presentation. Classes are discussion-based and students will have a chance to explore ideas, engage in debate, evaluate and build on the ideas of others. Classes cover a wide variety of topics, often generated by student interest. The classroom culture is one of inclusion and participation, with a focus on building a sense of community and a safe environment for collaborative learning 

International Development Seminar

Taught by: Edward Branagan

This introductory course on international development explores a broad number of salient topics and questions about poverty, inequality, human development, sustainability, international trade, and public policy. The course will provide students with an overview of major theoretical contributions to the field of development studies, including economic models, and present empirical cases. Students will learn to read and critically analyze texts, formulate arguments, summarize main ideas of academic papers, and compare country studies using appropriate qualitative and quantitative measures of analysis. The instructor with students’ input will periodically invite guests, who are experts on relevant topics.

Hungarian Language

Taught by: Levente Borsos

In this course we will focus on effective communication in both everyday and professional settings. Course contents will be adapted to students’ individual needs. Through learning Hungarian, students will also be introduced to Hungarian culture.